Train Freight

Train Freight Service

Excellent quality, easy to use and reasonable price are just few to mention features of our highlighted train freight services. We offer a quality-assured and planned as per the client preference services and solutions. We ensure the highest levels of safety while operation and the entire service is customized to give the customer the maximum benefit. We use rail freight services so smartly as to seamlessly provide a fully integrated and sustainable transportation and logistics service – from source to delivery point.

Truck transfer from terminal to train

Right rolling stock for all types of freight

Information of delivery status to the shipper

Processing railway documents

Why we have such trusted and reliable relationships with all our customers, clients and partners is because of the benefits they gain from us – bulk movement, wide spread network, economic over long distance, real-time information visibility, medium economic distances, continuous cargo visibility, etc. Some of our premium highlighted services for rail freight forwarding services include low-bed, tank and silo sliding wall, high capacity wagons for heavy or bulky goods, arrangement for octroi clearance, documentation that accompanies to the consignment, as required, transport of hazardous goods with special safety provisions and much more; that is why we are now counted as one of the leading rail freight service providers. We serve in various segments like textiles, automotive, electronics, white goods, press, chemicals, etc.