Warehousing Service

Poor warehouse handling or the wrong third-party facilities for your precious products not only costs you money but also hurts brand reputation. We offer end-to-end business solutions extending our warehousing and distribution services to all our clients, in order to recognize your warehousing and transportation requirements, thus enhancing coordination. We provide sophisticated warehousing systems that provide customer-specific and standard stock.

Container packing and unpacking

Short- and long-term storage pending delivery

Block stacking and racked pallet storage

Full range of specialist materials handling equipment

We have dedicated and specialized IT staff and systems, which empower us to deliver information through all communication media on an ad hoc or regular basis. Our warehousing services are frequently treated as additional stock points – supported by an advanced-level warehousing management system in order to achieve full visibility at the stock keeping unit level. We systemize our network of intermediates organizing the goods in a way for their managed movement from the producer to the consumer. Apart from warehousing, we also offer various value-added services (VAS) via repacking, tagging, inventory management, reverse logistics, sub-assembly and kitting, sales information management, etc. Some of our most appreciated VAS are palletizing, freight packaging, assisting inspection, processing certificate of origin, hand carry cargo deliver at overseas, project registration, clearance and registration, etc.